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Earn money using Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?

Well,to answer that question in straightforward terms...Affiliate advertising is the way toward acquiring a commission by promoting others' (or company's) items. You discover an item you like, promote it to other people and acquire a piece of the profit for every deal that you make.

It depends on income sharing. In the event that you have an item and need to sell more, you can offer advertisers a monetary incentive through an affiliate program. On the other hand, if you have no item and need to earn cash, at that point you can promote an item that you feel has value and earn a pay from it as an affiliate marketer.

 Now you may ask "why choose affiliate marketing for earning money?" It's because...

1)Affiliate marketing is execution-based

           The primary advantage of having an affiliate program is that it is entirely execution-based. Because affiliates are only paid a commission once the desired action has taken place, they’re more motivated to drive the conversion you’re looking for. This mitigates any endeavors that drive traffic with little to no value to your company while also ensuring that you get what you pay for.

2)It’s a lucrative and far-reaching industry

              Have I mentioned affiliate marketing as a whole is a billion-dollar industry? In such a wide field, it’s pretty easy to look for products that you can actually use, belief in and in all honesty promote to your audience.

That kind of involved affiliate marketing where you actually have faith in what you promote has been tested and proven to produce the best results, especially commission-wise.

3)No expertise required

 You don’t need to be an affiliate marketing guru to succeed. Not right away. This is a field where practice makes perfect.

You’re free to choose what campaigns to test and what learning method you want to use to become better at your trade.

If you’re a blogger, for example, you can choose to start by writing optimized content to attract more people to your blog. The more visitors your blog gains, the higher the chances of getting in touch with the right kind of people.

4)Targeted Traffic

Since the affiliates are handpicked by you, it can ensure that the traffic that comes to your site is from individuals that find your product or service useful. This is because affiliates that resonate with your brand will most likely have individuals with their area of influence that’ll find your brand useful.

5)The techniques and strategies you can choose from are limitless

There are myriad of ways you can market your chosen affiliate programs. You can promote it on your blog, create online courses and then recommend the product to your students, use affiliate emails. Social media is also a good tool that you can explore when marketing.

Also, you can create a website dedicated to your affiliate product. Then you can install the best plugins for digital marketing to generate more commissions.

You’ll find a lot of resources online related to this topic, and more ways are being discovered even as you read this.

6) Targeted traffic

All traffic is not created equal. If you sell spa products, for example, you don’t want to waste your advertising budget attracting people who are looking for car products. By working with affiliates who understand your industry and are already active in it, you will receive targeted sales from a warmed up audience. This makes it easier to maintain the relationship with your new customer going forward.

7)Affiliates can boost your reputation

    By partnering with trusted bloggers and reputable websites, you can further the reputation of your brand and its products. These partners will champion your products and, in our opinion, will further solidify consumer confidence in your product or service. While in the research phase of a purchase, consumers are more likely to trust a 3rd party’s opinion over content produced directly from the site selling this product. Consumers also have a certain level of trust in websites they frequent for product recommendations.

So...those were just 7 benefits of affiliate marketing. And there's a lot more,but I guess those were enough to explain why you should go for affiliate marketing.

Now some tips to become a better affiliate marketer...

1) Concentrate on one niche affiliate business

    Too often affiliate marketers use a shotgun approach, getting as many products as possible to push when they should be focusing on their main interest and niche-related products. If you want to develop a successful affiliate marketing site, always stick to one niche. You can create other sites to promote other niches, but don’t spread yourself too thin, because that will lead to thin content sites.

2) Learn About the Product You’re Promoting

Never promote a product you have no idea about.

Always do research, see what the product is about, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and so on.

Also, it is important to know why this particular product is better than its competition.

Learn about the market.

By this, I mean what product features are available, which are not available in competitor products, how is your product better, and why customers should buy it over the competition

3) Drive traffic to your affiliate site

You’ve created great content. The next step is to get more people to read it, so they will click on your affiliate links.

Here are three traffic strategies to consider:

A. Paid traffic
This is where you pay for traffic to your site. You can do this using PPC ads.

The advantage of paid traffic is that the moment you start paying, you get traffic.

However, there are some downsides.

First, running ads will dig into your profits. It’s quite normal for advertisers to lose money before they make it… if they ever do.

You need to be realistic about how long it takes to optimize a paid traffic campaign.

Secondly, once you stop paying for ads, your traffic will stop.

Generally speaking, ads are a great traffic strategy if you’re part of a high-paying affiliate program and can make the numbers work.

But if you’re completely new to paid marketing and have no marketing budget (or are working with lower commission programs like Amazon Associates), then it might not be such a great idea.

B. Search engine optimization (SEO)
SEO is the practice of optimizing pages to rank high in search engines like Google.

For as long as you can rank high in the search engines for your target keywords, you’ll get consistent and passive traffic.

On the most basic level, SEO is about:

Understanding what your target customers are searching for;
Creating content around those topics (blog posts, product pages, etc.);
Taking care of the “technical” stuff to push these pages higher in the search engines (which includes link building).

C. Build an email list
Email lists allow you to communicate with your readers anytime.

Use them to tell fans about new content and keep them coming back to your site for more. This leads to more affiliate clicks and sales.


10 Ideas and tips to make money online

Every body loves extra cash, and if that extra earning can be made while sitting at your home, then there is  nothing better than that.

Here are the 10 tips of make money online, sitting at the comfort of your home - 

Become a market research participant


It's fairly quick money for not a lot of work. Companies looking for consumers' opinions on a variety of products and services put you in a room to garner your opinion. That's it.

This often involves writing or stating your opinion, answering polls or surveys, or breaking off in a discussion group. The mechanics don't matter much. The point is that you can rely on it from time to time.


Publishing content to a blog - Blogging

If you're a enthusiastic closet writer who wants to be published but can't find a way to do so, make each keystroke your way to wealth by writing your own blog. Starting a blog doesn't require extensive technical skills but it's important that you have expertise in the field you are writing on. This will pull in guests to your site. Building a large following will enable you to earn profit by luring advertisers, writing paid reviews or getting commissions for promoting other people's products 

Paid Writing

If maintaining a blog is difficult for you but you still want to indulge your passion for writing, you can write articles for other blogs or sites. Writing an e-book can also be a good option. E-books are investment free, with no cost for printing and shipping. If you have a strong command over languages, you can become a copy editor, where Webmasters will pay you to read articles and correct grammatical errors, sentence fragments, etc.


Low-cost viral video maker 

You can get a lot of customers if you can create viral videos at a low cost. You must start making videos yourself in the initial days and later on hire good video makers. Video demand is increasing every day, and all startups will have to create a lot of videos in the next few years. Videos are the easiest way to go viral in a short span of time, and yet most people don’t have any knowledge of it. 


Money-making strategy: Make gigs on Fivver

No matter what type of service you offer, you can likely offer it Fivver. This is terrific for digital services such as graphic design, web design, short audio or video clip creation, editing services, writing and so on.

The default price is $5 (hence Fiverr..), but you can attach extra services to gigs for more money. Whilst it might not seem like much, it can quickly add up and there are plenty of examples of people making a really good living from the site. The key is to get a system in place which minimises the time spent on each gig.

Fiverr Pro pools the best talent on its platform. Depending on your skills, you could do considerably well on here.


'Get Paid To' sites

Similar to making money from online surveys, GPT sites reward you in cash and vouchers for completing various offers or activities online.

Example - CashNGifts is one of the popular sites to earn money online.



For those who have the knack of selling, one of the best ways to make money online is to become an affiliate/reseller. An affiliate is a person who gets a commission for selling every product that he promotes, whether on his Website or through any other avenue such as eBay. You don't have to own the product. You only need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company and start selling its products under your referral link. Firms such as Commission Junction or Click Bank have a large pool of products.


Use your photography skill - Sell your photos

Have an eye for photography? Of course, you need to be good at this to earn any money but it you are, you can sell photos on sites like ShutterStock  to generate a passive income from something you might be very passionate about.

For a quicker way to earn by taking photos, Approach people looking for photographers to cover their wedding, engagement, child's birthday or any other life event. You'll need a good camera and some experience, but you can definitely earn some must-needed income this way. 


Joining the share / forex market 

Joining the stock/forex market may seem a bit risky. However, you can start small and continue researching till you gain experience in this area. Once you do, it will be easy to earn from exchanging foreign currencies and/or stocks. Their rates fluctuate depending on supply and demand, and economic and political influences in the world. The aim of any trader is to spot which currency/stock is likely to rise or fall in value against another. The more time you put in, the more you will earn.


Make YouTube Videos 


According to recent stats we now watch more videos on YouTube than searches on Google.

And with the recently introduced YouTube Partner Program you can now profit from making and uploading videos. You will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views.

Depending on how successful you are (virality, subscriber base and topic) you can make a lot of money, and there are plenty of stories every week of more and more YouTubers making it their career.



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Ways to make money with your website

In this article, I can provide you with perhaps the best low-cost way to get make a significant income online.


How if you ask?

Create your website 


But make sure your website is a trusted and a reliable source of information where people can go to find information on a particular niche or topic. 


If  you are not sure, how to create your website, you can always reach out to our partners, Divitech they can make some beautiful websites for you or you can learn the required programing languages to create your own website or blog. We will teach you how to create your website, in a different blog post, but in this post we will let you know how to earn from your website.



1. Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate means you promote a product or service to your website's visitors in return for earning a commission if a purchase occurs through your link.

Join any affiliate network to access thousands of affiliate programs from major brands.

Then simply include an affiliate link when mentioning products from your chosen partners on your website.

Read more about Affiliate Marketing here


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing helps build a solid brand.  It encourages readers to come back to your site.

Website traffic may go up and it may go down, but with an email list and a good offer you are always in business.

Email marketing can make you money in a few different ways, such as email promotions, which deliver free reports that are monetized (have affiliate links in them). 

You can then email them with recommended products that they might be interested in (affiliate promotion), and earn various commissions if they sign up or buy something.

Or you offer your readers a free report or eBook or access to a video in return for their email address.

The important thing here is to offer something of value. Ideally something that people would pay for if it was not FREE.


3. “Pay Per Click” Advertising (Google Adsense,, Taboola etc)

One of the easiest ways to make money from a website is by placing ads on it. Google AdSense is one popular way to get ads appearing on your website fast. But make sure to abide by Googles Rules – you cannot click on the ads that appear in the hope of earning a commission.

The best part about this system is how simple everything is.

Once you sign up, Google will place a simple code on your website that will identify the content of your site and start displaying relevant advertisements. For example, if your site is about book reviews, Google AdSense will start showing your visitors ads for newly launched books, best selling books on amazon, and more.

Even if you don't get approved from Google Adsense, you can try applying on other ad networks like, Taboola etc.

You get paid each time someone clicks on the ad. (Yes, it’s really that easy!)

These networks will pay you every time a visitor clicks on an advert (cost per click, or CPC), or per 1,000 impressions (cost per impression, or CPM).


4. Sponsored content

Sponsored posts are those articles you get paid for by third parties (advertisers), after both parties have come to an agreement about the conditions of publishing them on your website. You can reach out to them, or else they might contact you for (writing &) publishing content regarding their products/services.

 If you have created a significant following for your website and your social media pages, you can make money by creating sponsored content. Brands pay influencers to promote their products and services. 

Join blogger network groups on Facebook and share your website, as that's where the advertisers are looking!


5. Generate and sell leads

The lead generation model is another viable option for monetizing a website. Through content in your website, you should attract users that can be registered as qualified leads that a company will use to turn into customers/clients. It is very important that the leads should be qualified, for you to get paid for bringing them to that company. The payment models are either pay per lead or pay per call.

6. Sell digital products

eBooks, printables, graphics, templates and podcasts are all examples of digital products that can help you earn a passive and ongoing income from your site.

You have the potential to make the most money on a per-sale basis when you can sell your own directly.

That’s because there’s no middle-man or person in between you and the buyer that’s taking a ‘cut’ from the money earned.


You could charge around ₹150 (~$2) for a 5,000 word eBook – it doesn't sound like much, but 50 eBook sales per month will soon add up!


Keep in mind that it might be suitable to combine several methods and mold them into a monetization strategy. Carefully choose them and put the perfect monetization strategy work for you.

And if you don't have a website yet, you can check out and make a new website for only $99!

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Facebook Research App, join and earn more than 100$ per month

This offer is expired now
Facebook research app refer and earn.

Facebook has recently launched a program – Facebook Research through a mobile application. You can earn upto $75 per month by just installing the app in your smartphone, and referring few of your friends. However, if you fail to refer, still you will be earning few bucks.

How? How to Sign up for the program & start earning? Follow us to know full detail about how you can earn from Facebook Research app refer and earn by applause.

What is Facebook Research App Recently launched?

Facebook research app is a mobile application launched by Facebook inc. few weeks ago. What it does is it studies the user’s behavior inside his smartphone. These data metrics is sent to Facebook for research purposes only and never disclosed to anyone. You don’t have to use or anything to do inside the application in order to earn from it, just keep the app installed, that’s all what they need.

How To Earn From Facebook Research App?

The Earning plan is simple though. You will get $5 Per month for every month you keep the app installed on your smartphone. Nothing more you have to do. Also, If you refer Your friends to join the Facebook research program, you will get $10/Refer. Also, You will get $4 Per month per friend Extra if the friend you have referred keeps the application in his smartphone.
Above Payment scheme is for First 30 Days only after you Join the research program. However, after 30 days, Payment plan will be modified as follows-
a. You will still be getting $5/Month for keeping the app installed. No change on that.
b. The referral bonus will be reduced to $5/Refer.
c. You will get $4/month/friend for each of your friend keep the app installed on his/her smartphone. For this, your friends have to keep the app installed at least for first 25 Days.
Example- Suppose you have joined the program and referred 7 friends. Out of which 2 Friends uninstalled the application. However, Still your 5 friends keep the app in their smartphones. Then you will earn-
a. $5 for your joining bonus for that month.
b. 7*$10 = $70 For referring 7 Friends.
c. $4*5 = $20 for 5 friends kept the app installed.
So, Total earning will be – $5+$70+$20 = $95 for that month only. For the next month , you will be earning as per the active referral friends you have. However, as explained earlier, you will be getting $5/Friend/Month from next month for each referrals, instead $10.
If you have any questions regarding payment plan, Feel free to comment below. Otherwise let’s move to the next section on how to actually join Facebook research app refer and earn by applause.

How To Join Facebook Research Program & Earn?

1. Actually in order to join Facebook research app  Program , You have to get invited by us. You can’t Join this directly. 


2. After we get your email, We will send the invitation to you. You will get an e-mail from Facebook within 12 Hours in which there will be a link fill your email ID, and Date of Birth. Just fill the form. The e-mail will look like-

3. Now you will get another e-mail as shown below. It will contain a link to download the application, and an special Invite code. Just open the link from smartphone only. Download Facebook Research App the .apk file (5MB) and install the application-

If have trouble while installing the application, enable “unknown sources” from Settings->More->Security >> Device administration->Check “Unknown Sources”.

4. Open the app. You have to enter  a special invite code sent to you.  You can get the invite code from step 3 above from your e-mail received.
5. Enter the invite code and at last, turn the background process of the application “ON”.
Special Instructions for Xiaomi Users-
-> Turn ON autostart for the app. Go to setting -> Permissions -> Autostart -> turn on AutoStart for Facebook research.
->Keep checking daily app is showing a notification and active.
6. That’s all!! You have your job done! Now wait for about 48 Hours and you will get another e-mail confirming the installation as follows-

7. Now after this email, you will get another e-mail within 24 Hours asking you to update the payment details. Since they send payments to Paypal, you have to open the link “update Payment details” and give your Paypal linked E-mail ID only-

8. Now just wait for 15th of next month then you will be get your first payment from Facebook , directly into your paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, Sign up For one Here. If you don’t know what Paypal is, Follow up as we have covered about Paypal at the end of the post.