Home Based jobs

Home Based Jobs

Today I'm Focusing my article on "Home Based Jobs"..

Many People wonder is it possible to earn legitly while sitting in home.Many housewives wonder is their any way to utilize their free time..The only answer is "Work and Earn Online".

The only which you need to earn online is a computer and a working Internet connection.While doing online jobs you can earn $100-500(Rs. 5,000-25,000) at ease per month.Now the question is what type of online job can you do better.There are different types of online job,from where you can earn cash while sitting at home.

The different types of home based jobs are -

  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Ad posting Jobs
  • Online Teaching
  • Freelance Writing
  • Proof Reading
  • Website designing
  • Earning from different online websites

 Data Entry Jobs - Here you have to simply type the data provided by the company on a hard copy on your computer using Wordpad or ms-word.The amount usually ranges between Rs.5000-Rs.8000.The fee depends amount the work you submit.The more mistakes you make while typing the more the fee gets reduced.

Ad posting Jobs - This job is really simple.You have to just copy and paste the ads given by the company to other classified sites with out altering any content of the ad.The more ad you post the more money you earn.

Online teaching - If you have a greater knowledge of any subject,you can utilize your knowledge to earn extra money online.Nowadays this is the best way to earn online where you can earn around $5,000-$10,000.

Freelance writing - Here you write for other websites an if your article is accepted they pay you some amount.For beginners the amount vary within $2-$5.But if you becoming a professional writer online then you can easily earn $30-50 per article online.

Proof Reading - Here different articles will be submitted to you and you have to verify that article and check its content is absolutely correct or not.For e.g. you have to check the grammatical errors,mistyped words,missing words etc.

Website designing - This is for advanced users who have knowledge of various computer programs and also have an artistic point of view.You have to know Html and SQL to apply for this job.Create your first blog using blogger and give it a funky and a cool look, then how to make your blog popular read here

Earning from online websites - you can try your hand in earning online by joining various websites.But mind you the amount you earn is very less.So for starters you can know legit and genuine sites by reading here

Here is a gist of some of the ways to earn online.In my next article I shall discuss each of the topics more vastly mentioning the names of the websites offering these jobs.

Precautions -

  1. Online based jobs are risky,never pay any amount of money to any particular site offering these jobs without having proper knowledge of the site.
  2. Google about the site to check whether it is legit or not.If it is legit then only join the site.
  3. The online jobs are time consuming.Its not like that you will work for 2 days a month expect some huge amount of money. You have to work daily in order to earn.