Best Online Auction Sites In India To Bid

Now users can get products at 90 to 99% discount! You can get an IPhone 5C at Rs.20 or a MOTO E for Rs.15 or even a Canon Inkjet Printer at Rs.7 Don’t believe it? Check it yourself before someone else wins your favorite product.

Yes, you have read it write you can get your favourite products at really cheap prices by online bidding.The newest and best online bidding site which we came across is -

*Special Launch Offer* - Get 15% flat off on the amount you deposit. Use code CNB15 on check out page. 

 Now how does Cash N Bids work?

1. Register - The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and they'll even give you FREE BONUS BALANCE TO BID when you register. Registration is absolutely free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to register.

2. Buy Bids – To play our “Bid and Win” game you need to deposit balance in their website. You can deposit money by clicking on the “deposit” button on our header.Or you can click on “BOOK NOW” on any product you want to bid for, you need to place your favourite numbers and click on “BUY” , you will redirected to the payment page where you can pay for playing the game, if you already deposited money earlier then you can bid for a product from your CNB balance.

3. Choose your lucky numbers - You can bid as many numbers as you want, remember the more you bid, the more are your chances to win the product. You have to keep in mind that the number which you choose must be lowest and unique. After choosing your favourite numbers, click on buy bids and you will be redirected to our payment gateway page. If you have already money deposited in your Cash N Bids account, then you can click on Yes in the "Deduct from my CNB Balance" checkbox.See Image below for reference.

4. Wait for result – You can see they have a countdown timer, when the number of slots gets filled and the timer becomes zero, then the winner gets declared.If the number you have selected is the unique lowest number, then you are the winner and you will receives your prize within 15 working days from them! 

So you can join and get products at the cheapest rates.

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