Facebook Research App, join and earn more than 100$ per month

This offer is expired now. Read here - On how to make your website and earn from it.
Facebook research app refer and earn.

Facebook has recently launched a program – Facebook Research through a mobile application. You can earn upto $75 per month by just installing the app in your smartphone, and referring few of your friends. However, if you fail to refer, still you will be earning few bucks.

How? How to Sign up for the program & start earning? Follow us to know full detail about how you can earn from Facebook Research app refer and earn by applause.

What is Facebook Research App Recently launched?

Facebook research app is a mobile application launched by Facebook inc. few weeks ago. What it does is it studies the user’s behavior inside his smartphone. These data metrics is sent to Facebook for research purposes only and never disclosed to anyone. You don’t have to use or anything to do inside the application in order to earn from it, just keep the app installed, that’s all what they need.

How To Earn From Facebook Research App?

The Earning plan is simple though. You will get $5 Per month for every month you keep the app installed on your smartphone. Nothing more you have to do. Also, If you refer Your friends to join the Facebook research program, you will get $10/Refer. Also, You will get $4 Per month per friend Extra if the friend you have referred keeps the application in his smartphone.
Above Payment scheme is for First 30 Days only after you Join the research program. However, after 30 days, Payment plan will be modified as follows-
a. You will still be getting $5/Month for keeping the app installed. No change on that.
b. The referral bonus will be reduced to $5/Refer.
c. You will get $4/month/friend for each of your friend keep the app installed on his/her smartphone. For this, your friends have to keep the app installed at least for first 25 Days.
Example- Suppose you have joined the program and referred 7 friends. Out of which 2 Friends uninstalled the application. However, Still your 5 friends keep the app in their smartphones. Then you will earn-
a. $5 for your joining bonus for that month.
b. 7*$10 = $70 For referring 7 Friends.
c. $4*5 = $20 for 5 friends kept the app installed.
So, Total earning will be – $5+$70+$20 = $95 for that month only. For the next month , you will be earning as per the active referral friends you have. However, as explained earlier, you will be getting $5/Friend/Month from next month for each referrals, instead $10.
If you have any questions regarding payment plan, Feel free to comment below. Otherwise let’s move to the next section on how to actually join Facebook research app refer and earn by applause.

How To Join Facebook Research Program & Earn?

1. Actually in order to join Facebook research app  Program , You have to get invited by us. You can’t Join this directly. 


2. After we get your email, We will send the invitation to you. You will get an e-mail from Facebook within 12 Hours in which there will be a link fill your email ID, and Date of Birth. Just fill the form. The e-mail will look like-

3. Now you will get another e-mail as shown below. It will contain a link to download the application, and an special Invite code. Just open the link from smartphone only. Download Facebook Research App the .apk file (5MB) and install the application-

If have trouble while installing the application, enable “unknown sources” from Settings->More->Security >> Device administration->Check “Unknown Sources”.

4. Open the app. You have to enter  a special invite code sent to you.  You can get the invite code from step 3 above from your e-mail received.
5. Enter the invite code and at last, turn the background process of the application “ON”.
Special Instructions for Xiaomi Users-
-> Turn ON autostart for the app. Go to setting -> Permissions -> Autostart -> turn on AutoStart for Facebook research.
->Keep checking daily app is showing a notification and active.
6. That’s all!! You have your job done! Now wait for about 48 Hours and you will get another e-mail confirming the installation as follows-

7. Now after this email, you will get another e-mail within 24 Hours asking you to update the payment details. Since they send payments to Paypal, you have to open the link “update Payment details” and give your Paypal linked E-mail ID only-

8. Now just wait for 15th of next month then you will be get your first payment from Facebook , directly into your paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, Sign up For one Here. If you don’t know what Paypal is, Follow up as we have covered about Paypal at the end of the post.