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Scam Sites In India

I received a lot of mails from readers to make everyone aware of the scam sites in India. Internet is filled with Scammers and you need to be very careful when you join a site and give your details. Some type of scammers steal your information and sell it in black market. While some run away with your cash and others are just waste of time.

So here are the SCAM sites, which looks professional but nothing more than a bunch of thieves.

1.RupeeMail SCAM SITE - This is another scam site, which claims to give money to you if you click their email adds and bring referral to their site. I thought of testing this site.I have blogs and promoted this site for some days to see if it pays or not.I invited 100 friends of mine and got Rs.200!(Duh! I was a fool those days). They paid that amount to me!Yes, I got paid. So I promoted this site further and gave them 300 referrals. I tried to payout 3 times. 3 times they ignored me and wrote that I was creating fake accounts by IP Spoofing and many allegations were put upon me. Now dear Scammers( RupeeMail), don't you think that I don't have any work? To get Rs.2! I will do all those stuffs?
So, what did they sent me after I requested for withdrawal l?

Read this -
" We appreciate your interest in - India's first paid email system.

Our Fraud prevention team has confirmed that you have been trying to create  multiple RupeeMail account  and accumulate the referral bonus to  your account. Please be aware that similer wrong doing do any good for you as we do conduct  periodic complete audit about all referral commission  earned through our system . We are  going to deactivate the following RupeeMail accounts as a security measure and we wont be processing your cheque request which we received.

You have a option of writing back to us if you have dispute on the same. If you continue to do the same, we have no other choice than reporting the issue to cyber authorities concerned.  We also noticed IP spoofing in your case which is criminal offence under the Indian cyber law.

And to their email, my reply was this –

So, you guys can very well see how a scam site works? So don’t bother to join this bogus site.

2.FreeTalkie SCAM SITE  – yes another scam, this is also a scam site similar to RupeeMail, it tells you to invite your friends and in return will give you free talktime( Rs.1 per referral) . But, no in return you will not get free recharge buy you will get scammed! And these scammers even tell you that - you will get a Pendrive when you invite 400 friends! Don’t fall into their trap, I gave them around 60 referrals and didn’t get a single recharge. Instead my Balance was made negative. This is another worthless good for nothing scam site. Don’t even bother to visit these sites, as they will generate revenue from ads when you visit them.

3. *Special Mention*
Free 3g recharge/ Free Facebook recharge

These are the most disgusting Scam sites I have come across, really I don’t know how people fall in these Traps. Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on Tree, how can you expect these scammers to give Rs.500/Rs.1000/Rs.100 etc. just by sharing those scam websites link on 10 groups and 10 pages?
Did you ever think, how will they track your referral earnings? Legit sites have advanced tracking system and account systems but these scams have nothing. And one more serious thing is that you enter your valuable data phone numbers in these sites and these scammers take your numbers and sell them in the black market which is unethical and illegal. So please refrain from joining these sites and whenever any of your friends promotes this kind of websites, let them know the truth or give them this link to read.

I hope I could do some help for you guys. If you like this post please share this with your friends and save them from evil hands.